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We are honored to join the members of ISEA founded by China Shipping Gazette. ISEA is approved by MOT( Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China) and supervised by NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission)

Xiamen Gemshine International Freight, with nearly 15 years of experience in international logistics operations, ensures a safe and compliant supply chain solution for foreign trade import and export enterprises. It is the core partner of import and export enterprises for sustainable operation!

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海关总署在2017年12月27日发布了第69号公告,对《报关单填制规范》再次进行修订。本次修订仅涉及报关单第三十五项的“商品名称、规格型号”栏,在其项下增加了 “品牌类型” 和 “出口享惠情况” 两个必填项目。这是为了贯彻落实国务院建立品牌统计制度的要求,加强对优惠贸易协定出口货物管理而设定的项目,将会长期影响我们的报关工作。


增加(九)“品牌类型” (进出口必填项)







增加(十)“出口享惠情况” (出口必填项)


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16 9月

The Japanese port customs clearance guidelines

he Japanese port customs clearance guidelines
The import goods, customs clearance formalities
Goods arrive no matter in what vehicle Japanese ports or airports, generally are unloaded in the bonded area designated by the customs or shed, waiting for the customs inspection, tax, customs formalities.Up close to limit the duration of the storage of goods, more than period not storing goods customs department to foreign regulation of gold.Imported goods generally registered by the customs hand line on behalf of the importer to declare to the customs.
In addition to pay the declaration, customs clearance when the importers must submit the following documents:
1, the import declaration In addition to the import quotas shall be submitted to the import license of goods, other goods as long as the import declaration.Import declaration must specify the goods to fill in the shipping mark, shipping order number, goods name, quantity, value;, purchase land, the place of origin of goods loading cargo and ship or plane
Name, registration marks and nationality.In addition, the importer must declare A, import and export both sides have A special relationship such as the total number and the semicolon corporation and subsidiaries, foreign suppliers, and the trade name of exclusive contract relations;B importers in addition to send the amount of the original list whether must pay to give reward to export, party C, whether the importer to pay other fee to the agent in Japan’s exporters;D the importer is obligated to sell;E invoice whether the price of a list of other discount;F on imported goods, except by strange ticket price payment is subject to payment or make importers increase other burden.
2, commercial invoice, the customs has not stipulated special form, at least with shipper signature.Commercial invoice for customs valuation, and must be specified: A name of the shipping mark number the name full name, Brussels nomenclature, number of columns: B, the total price of goods and the unit price;C detailed cost, including freight, insurance premium and shipping expenses;D, net weight;E fill out the place and date of the invoice;F the destination and the cargo;G about decision cost contract conditions.
3, packing list
4, origin certificate serial number Certificate of origin in general by the local chamber of commerce or the Japanese consulate, diplomats in the production of commodity government procurement, general places to buy or shipment to deng certification.
5, 3 copies of b/l signed the original b/l if it is air waybill for generations, usually via bank transfer, in addition to the Li two points not to sign a copy directly to consignee.Actual need of project usually are detailed in the receiving l/c.
6, other customs tax certificate
Importers such as cannot submit the invoice for some reason or because the information is insufficient, on invitation for shelves, cannot be used to assess the customs can obtain carrying freight insurance perilous peak packing detail and cost table of written contracts and other documents.Imported goods such as plants and animals, with animal and plant quarantine import rules, must conform to the agriculture and forestry province with inspection certificate.Spring of the importer or agent in handle import customs declaration to the customs at the same time, should be import declaration form attached 3 copies.The first batch of goods should pay taxes Su other agents by the importers to calculate and fill out an for word in import duties to customs clearance, importers have their master relevant goods complete detailed information if you have any questions to ask the customs for import, after answer is allowed.
Second, import quotas and import tube
All of the liberalization of the items stipulated in the miti determine import goods to in accordance with the import quota system.A quota this is a more strict requirement to apply to the customs clearance province points given import quota once outside the burden is allowed to obtain import quota license can be a certificate in the importers have the right to apply to the chartered Banks, can be automatically obtained the import and export license, in fact all import quota license on the basis of global quotas issued by the of the country of origin of goods is confused and cope with currency imported goods must be in the period of validity prescribed by the tax rise, pointed.
Japan takes the highest import amount and the maximum amount of the country tariff quota method and will enjoy tariff quota of imported goods is divided into 132 products then it will this product group is divided into three categories: the first kind of control for the day.Fall into this category of goods imported by first come, first put to give preferential tariff concessions, but imports under supervision.Beneficiary country or region the largest category of amount once after use it more than 2 days period of imported goods is a MFN tariff, belong to the goods imported way similar to the first kind of commodity, but the biggest national amount after use, due to start on the first day of the second month a MFN tariff, 125 group belong to this class of goods.The third kind is the quota in advance the goods imported to win 80% of the total, distribution for the past engaged in traditional import commodity grain distribution of 20% of the class to give pro importers.The goods for a total of 11 textiles group.
Three, transit and export goods customs declaration formalities
Japan is import customs handbook for the signatories of the convention for, for all by manual from convention contracting ascended the human date set to deal with.Foreign goods such as exported from Japan after up close, and submit the export declaration to the customs before business to give duty-free treatment at the time of the import, the exhibits professional tools, private car, etc., in order to exempt from import duty must approach the customs when the export of raw coal, a single duty-free imports allowed temporary duty-free imports of parts for assembly, such as check and import record check and maintain the same customs clearing re-export approved by miti and Tibet provinces, and take measures to prevent transported into the domestic market, people class objects can be duty-free to the bonded area, then export processing.

03 7月

厦门外贸竞争力全国第五 系列扶持措施即将出台







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05 7月

New head to steer COSCO

Company faces being delisted if it cannot navigate into profitability

Wei Jiafu, chairman of China Ocean Shipping (Group) Co – COSCO – the nation’s largest shipping business, has resigned. His successor will have to carry on the unfinished task of returning the company to profit to avoid being delisted. Read More

05 7月

Growth slowing for services

Non-manufacturing sector loses steam, putting jobs under pressure

The expansion pace of China’s non-manufacturing industries decelerated to a nine-month low in June, in line with the weakest factory activity in four months, suggesting higher downside risk to second-quarter economic growth. Read More

05 7月

Finance chief approves of tighter controls

PMorgan executive says bank’s clients must come first for business to succeed

Constantly focusing on what’s truly important at the big end of business and deciding business direction according to clients’ needs are central to the core values of Mike Cavanagh, co-chief executive officer of JPMorgan’s Corporate and Investment Bank. Read More